Colour File Interview: Emily Murray

If you’re a lover of interiors or the colour pink – or a delicious mixture of the two –  you can’t fail to have heard of Emily Murray. Lifestyle journalist and award-winning founder of The Pink House, Emily is a champion of making interiors styling wonderful yet accessible. Here, she tells The Colour File (we’re massive fans – can you tell?!) what colour means to her, from her first pink cardie memories to why she’d happily adios beige… Martha: CanRead more

20 February 18: Family tales matter

Happy Tuesday, folks 🌸🌵💕 When I was a kid, I loved driving through rural mid Wales with my mum and listening to her regaling family tales. My particular favourite was about a relative who’d wear her beloved son’s shirts before he did to make sure they were properly aired. I remember thinking at the time that I’d never forget the leafy bend in the road where she told me that curious story but of course I have. My dad –Read more

19 February 18: Greetings card poll

Welcome to a new week, my colour-loving friends. I was wondering if I could pick your brains? Following on from the success of last year’s card, I’m producing some greetings cards of Colour File favourites and was hoping you might be able to tell me which you like the best? Analytics are one thing but there’s nothing like hearing it from the mouths of your fine people. I’m going to pop some images and polls on stories, and I’d loveRead more

18 February 18: Fear of wearing yellow

Hello lovely people. I recently read that yellow is the colour that people fear wearing the most (followed by pink, orange, red and green). Apparently they would love to wear more colour but are afraid of what friends and family might think. Folks, I have something to tell you: life is waaaaay to short to care about this. I reckon if you’re living in fear of other people’s opinions (and let’s face it, what do they know?), it’s time toRead more

18 February 18: Best and worst together

Welcome to the weekend, folks. When it comes to colours, I know what I like – and what I don’t. Some time ago I wrote about the world’s worst colour, the sludgy Pantone 448C. I thought that for a personal colour challenge I’d fling this drab colour together with the world’s favourite, blue, to see what they do to each other. Turns out cerulean blue and sludgy brown – best and worst – are a happier marriage than any ofRead more

17 February 18: A search for indigo books

Good morning, my lovely friends 👛🌺❤️🍊💛📗🌵💧👖👾☂️ Since divulging my librarian secrets the other day, I’ve had books on my brain. My local @oxfambookshops has inadvertently helped me in my quest to build a bibliographic rainbow by selling off vintage @penguinclassics and Pelican books for 99p and as such I’m starting to fill in the spectral gaps. As a big fan of faded colours, I’m always scoping for books that have been bled of their colour so that they’re now a pastel version of theirRead more

16 February 18: Inspiration from Kasie

Morning, folks. Don’t know about you but I’m really feeling that Spring is on its way. I think it’s to do with the quality of the light. As such, I’ve gone a bit bonkers about buying Spring flowers and I’ve started to run out of vases. So, taking inspiration from my talented Instafriend and DIY alchemist @kasie_barton I decided to upcycle some tin cans with a bit of masking tape and some fluoro paint (they’re even Kasie colours 🌟🌸🌼🌺💖). If you haven’tRead more

15 February 18: School library stories

Not so long ago, I had a part-time job as a primary school librarian. My time was mainly spent mending the Guinness World of Records with gaffer tape (it was a very popular read), saying ‘shooooosh!!!’ more times than you can actually imagine and scrabbling around on the floor, looking under bookcases for ‘Where’s Wally?’ after some wily kid had stashed it to stop anyone else doing the same. I also doled out colour-themed jobs to eager kids: eschewing myRead more

14 February 18: Choose your door

Happy Wednesday, folks. Which front door would you most like to see behind, fictional or real? Maybe it’s 10 Downing Street or the White House (actually, I think I’d rather not know 🍊) or perhaps it’s a door from a film. Personally, it’s any pretty-coloured door that does it for me, like these Bantham beauties. The more outre the colour, the more curious I am. Although white is the UK’s preferred door colour (come on, people, you can do betterRead more

13 February 18: Purple and orange power

Ah, purple and orange, what an unorthodox and devil-may-care duo they are. They’re not for the feint-hearted but I sense they rather like that and hang out together with the express intention of shocking people. Whenever I see them together, I think of that scene from Four Weddings and a Funeral where Scarlett wears that amazing orange dress with a purple sash (‘the ecclesiastical purple and the pagan orange symbolizing the mystical symbiosis in marriage between the heathen and ChristianRead more

12 February 18: Your favourite beach find

Hello, my colour-loving friends. What’s in your top 10 of things that make you happy? Aside from the expected (second-in-command’s happiness, naturally. I once read you’re only as happy as your least happy child: so true), unexpectedly finding something colourful is probably right up there. Add ‘free’ and ‘by the sea’, whether it’s an image or an object, and it turns out I’m happier than a pig in something brown. SIC and I are off to Devon for a quickRead more

10 February 18: Shelfie-shaped happiness

Hello, folks. Happiness is shelfie-shaped. Today’s shelfie is probably one of my favourite types: a simple run of rainbow-coloured books, illuminated by candles (you can NEVER have too many candles). I also love to ‘hide’ same-coloured objects against books so that they blend in. Ah, happiness. Done any good shelfies lately? Pics, please! Martha, The Colour File xRead more