22 March 18: Why I love convex mirrors

I have this thing about convex mirrors. I can’t get enough of them. I think my love of them started when I was a teenager and saw the Arnolfini Portrait in the National Gallery. I love how, in addition to the solemn happy couple (have they just had a ding-dong about who’s going to put the bins out or something?) you can see two figures in the doorway reflected in a convex mirror (one is thought to be the artist,Read more

21 March 18: Colour-ordered clothes

Looking in my wardrobe this morning, I’ve realised I’m missing a huge opportunity: my clothes aren’t arranged in colour order (apparently it’s #internationalcolourday So maybe today is the day). I’ve surprised myself that I’ve been so totally remiss. My local charity shops are particularly skilled at the colour themed thang which not only pleases me but gives me ample picture and colour story opportunities, like these shirts, top left. I recently read that men who wear pink to work earn more andRead more

20 March 18: Happily lost in wallpaper

Hello folks. Have you ever got lost in a picture, or imagined yourself wandering through wallpaper? When I was little, my mum bought a poster that had scenes from nursery rhymes on it, playing out amidst a landscape of rolling hills. I’d often imagine I was climbing the hill with Jack & Jill then marching back down again with the Grand Old Duke of York and his crew. I had a similar sensation when I went to the @ideal_home_show yesterday and sawRead more

19 March 18: Typewriter tales

Over the weekend I collected second-in-command from a sleepover. When I walked into the kitchen, there, sat on the side, was a raspberry pink typewriter (top left). His friend desperately wants to be a writer and has decided to do it the old-fashioned way. I had a similar experience when I was 16 and my mum bought me a typewriter (a forest green Olivetti). I couldn’t go back to it now (I’d waste whole forests of paper in the process,Read more

18 March 18: The Blue Mind effect

I grew up near the River Thames and I live near it now, just a few miles from my childhood home. I’d often walk down to the river as a teenager and find the river a constant, calming yet energy-giving force: whatever’s happening in your life, the river keeps flowing as a reminder that life does, too, even if at times it feels turgid and static. It still does this to me now. I recently read about Wallace J.Nichols andRead more

17 March 18: Colour order club

Hands up who likes putting things in colour order? ❤️🍊⭐️🍏🦋💙👾☂️ I was wondering, do you know of a secret group you can join where you can do this with like-minded people? My favourite thing to put in colour order is my ever-growing collection of vintage Penguin books so ideally I’m after a book group where we forget such trifles as plot and narrative and focus on much more important stuff: the book covers. We’d wax lyrical about colour and patternRead more

16 March 18: Blow a pink raspberry

Happy Friday, folks. When I was a kid, my friend Jane and I would play a game where if we saw a Green Citroen 2CV, we’d pinch each other and say, ‘Green pinchwagon, no returns!’ Last summer in Wales I was introduced to another family’s colour tradition: every time they see a pink house (especially bright pink) they blow a raspberry. There aren’t many 2CVs left these days so I’ve happily adopted the pink house tradition instead (@pinkhouseliving I wonder ifRead more

A window on anxiety

A while ago, I read about a Canadian man called Alexis St.Martin who ended up with a hole in the side of his body as a result of a shooting accident. For many years, a doctor called William Beaumont kept the hole open and was able to gather vital information about the human digestive system through this permanent window into St.Martin’s stomach. As a journalist, I know there’s nothing like being ‘at the scene’ to give you quality information. I’veRead more

14 March 18: Yellow shelfie

Hello from Wednesday 🐣🐥🐤 I love this time of year: for someone who adores pastels and sorbet colours, Spring truly delivers. These yellow chicks (middle shelf) always remind me of when, aged seven, I broke all the rules in the name of colour.. I ‘borrowed’ some money from the dinner money drawer to buy a fluffy yellow Easter chick (I fell in love with it) and got caught red-handed buying it at the local shop. I can still feel myRead more

13 March 18: Colourful school memories?

Good morning from Tuesday, lovely people. Cast your mind back to school. Are you there? OK: what colour or colours spring to mind? I think of the uninspiring white walls and blue classroom doors in my primary school and the concrete grey of the brutalist architecture at my secondary school. Strangely, apart from that my school colour memories are scant. Not surprisingly, different colours are said to aid learning in different ways. Apparently orange is good for sport and PERead more

12 March 18: Competition time!

Hello again, folks. It’s COMPETITION TIME 🌟 I’ve teamed up with the wonderful @minimoderns to celebrate their all-round fabulousness and to mark The Colour File’s first birthday. In today’s blue shelfie I’ve used Mini Moderns’ delicious Darjeeling candle (middle shelf, on the right, swipe for second pic, too). As well as being a little piece of blue beauteousness, it has a wonderful tea and fig scent, too. This is the chance to win one of these candles of your own. To winRead more

11 March 18: Happy Mother’s Day, folks

Happy Mother’s Day to you all. Aren’t mums amazing? They’re definitely something to celebrate, for sure. In my experience, it’s not always the easiest of days, especially for those who can’t be with their mums for various reasons. An extra special Colour File fist bump high five Mother’s Day ‘well done’ goes out to all the single mums out there (who have probably made their own card and bought their own gift). Whoever you are and how you’re marking thisRead more