16 March 18: Blow a pink raspberry

Happy Friday, folks. When I was a kid, my friend Jane and I would play a game where if we saw a Green Citroen 2CV, we’d pinch each other and say, ‘Green pinchwagon, no returns!’ Last summer in Wales I was introduced to another family’s colour tradition: every time they see a pink house (especially bright pink) they blow a raspberry. There aren’t many 2CVs left these days so I’ve happily adopted the pink house tradition instead (@pinkhouseliving I wonder ifRead more

A window on anxiety

A while ago, I read about a Canadian man called Alexis St.Martin who ended up with a hole in the side of his body as a result of a shooting accident. For many years, a doctor called William Beaumont kept the hole open and was able to gather vital information about the human digestive system through this permanent window into St.Martin’s stomach. As a journalist, I know there’s nothing like being ‘at the scene’ to give you quality information. I’veRead more

14 March 18: Yellow shelfie

Hello from Wednesday 🐣🐥🐤 I love this time of year: for someone who adores pastels and sorbet colours, Spring truly delivers. These yellow chicks (middle shelf) always remind me of when, aged seven, I broke all the rules in the name of colour.. I ‘borrowed’ some money from the dinner money drawer to buy a fluffy yellow Easter chick (I fell in love with it) and got caught red-handed buying it at the local shop. I can still feel myRead more

13 March 18: Colourful school memories?

Good morning from Tuesday, lovely people. Cast your mind back to school. Are you there? OK: what colour or colours spring to mind? I think of the uninspiring white walls and blue classroom doors in my primary school and the concrete grey of the brutalist architecture at my secondary school. Strangely, apart from that my school colour memories are scant. Not surprisingly, different colours are said to aid learning in different ways. Apparently orange is good for sport and PERead more

12 March 18: Competition time!

Hello again, folks. It’s COMPETITION TIME 🌟 I’ve teamed up with the wonderful @minimoderns to celebrate their all-round fabulousness and to mark The Colour File’s first birthday. In today’s blue shelfie I’ve used Mini Moderns’ delicious Darjeeling candle (middle shelf, on the right, swipe for second pic, too). As well as being a little piece of blue beauteousness, it has a wonderful tea and fig scent, too. This is the chance to win one of these candles of your own. To winRead more

11 March 18: Happy Mother’s Day, folks

Happy Mother’s Day to you all. Aren’t mums amazing? They’re definitely something to celebrate, for sure. In my experience, it’s not always the easiest of days, especially for those who can’t be with their mums for various reasons. An extra special Colour File fist bump high five Mother’s Day ‘well done’ goes out to all the single mums out there (who have probably made their own card and bought their own gift). Whoever you are and how you’re marking thisRead more

10 March 18: Colourful walking thoughts

Welcome to the weekend, lovely people. When I was 13 I walked the Pennine Way with Alfred Wainwright’s book as a guide (I thought of it when I spotted a cluster of his books in @oxfambookshops yesterday, top left). In the process I learned about the sheer delights of OS maps and scaling summits. When I’m stuck at a desk in London, I often immerse myself in the memory of long-distance walking. Sometimes I look at stacks of clouds and imagine theyRead more

9 March 18: The doll with blue eyebrows

When I was four, I had a doll I called Jesus who lived in my toy rocking cot and whose eyebrows I’d inexpertly painted with blue pearlescent nail polish. I rediscovered him in my mum’s attic a few years back (I couldn’t fathom how that decorated doll didn’t cause me night terrors) and found he had burgundy nails, too. I’ve always loved nail polish, obviously because of the colours but also because of the names. I recently read that OPIRead more

8 March 18: Green shelfie

Hello folks 🌱🌿🍀🍃🍏💚 The other day I asked for your suggestions on what shelfie to do next. One of my loyal and lovely followers @prudierosemelbourne suggested green (thank you 💚) so here it is. Spring green makes me SO happy: to me it means new life, hope and it makes me feel that anything is possible (a good thing to remember on International Women’s Day). It also has a special place in my heart as a memorial colour for baby Oscar whoseRead more

7 March 18: How did a stranger help YOU?

Hello lovely people 🐝🌸🐝🌸 I remember writing a newspaper article a few years ago about how you can use simple everyday objects in first aid, like a credit card for extracting bee stings. Thankfully I’ve never had to use any of them so far but I often think of them when it’s the season for bees. One summer when I was five, I was playing in my local park when I put my hand on a bee. Hearing my screams,Read more

6 March 18: Neon fluoro shelfie

Good morning, folks. If you’ve been following my feed, you’ll know I’ve been doing a series of shelfies with the Moss shelf from @madedotcom. I’ve loved playing with different shelfie ‘personalities’ and seeing what this simple but versatile shelving unit can do. Today is a home office iteration using neon colours (plus red: I love how red works so well with fluoro pink and yellow) against @minimoderns Peggy wallpaper. If there’s a specific shelfie theme or colourway you’d like me to do, doRead more

5 March 18 Any wallpaper fans out there?

Hands up who loves wallpaper? My earliest wallpaper memory is one I’ve mentioned before because it was so significant – purple (vinyl) paisley in my childhood bedroom, followed by smoky blue @lauraashleyuk that I fell out of love with as a teenager and painted white with paint I’d found in the cellar and without telling my mum. That was probably around the time that we all seemed to fall out of love with wallpaper but that has now changed. One online retailerRead more