Colour Gallery

Anyone for tea?

Every day, I take scores of colour pictures, amounting to thousands each year. I’ve discovered there are colour pic opportunities EVERYWHERE and I often stop what I’m doing when a must-have colour photo opportunity comes my way (even if it means missing my bus to take a snap…). The pictures are inspiration for the blogs I’m writing, from stunning wallpaper through to nature’s best hues, passing through anything from nail varnish colours, plastic marine debris or technicolour shoes along the way. Here are some of my colour pictures for you to feast your eyes on. I’m uploading new ones all the time so please visit often.

Martha x

The glory of vintage books
Vintage quilt perfection!







Vintage quilt (detail)
Bordeaux 2016
Pink and green ‘noir’ shelfscape 2017
Books good enough to eat
Car boot finds


Corner cabinet 2017
Car boot hanging rail 2016
Blanket of many colours 2017
Yellow ‘noir’ shelfscape 2017
Anemones 2017
Creative chaos at The Colour File HQ…
‘Noir’ shelfscape with macaroons
Cerulean blue ‘noir’ shelfscape

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