21st April ’17: Masculine & feminine

Happy Friday, ColourFilers 💕♣️💗🖤🎀🎬
My second-in-command @marinefighter999 and I are currently banished from The Colour File HQ while builders turn it from an ugly duckling into a resplendent swan. I am just about ready to pop with excitement at the thought of seeing one of my all-time favourite colour rules in action – slinging feminine and masculine together, like a matchmaker, and watching with delight and intrigue as they get on like a house on fire. Whether it’s colours, textures or patterns, I find nothing more thrilling than mixing conventionally ‘female’ with archetypically ‘male’. And as far as I’m concerned there’s no better testament to how well this can work than when pink and black get together. Look at this #Gucci porcelain flower print silk dress (and doesn’t my £10 antique shop cushion match it beautifully? SO thrilled, I’m telling you). It’s like a perfect cohabitation scenario – striking cerise with black detailing, living together without either of them thinking ‘I wish I’d gone it alone…’ They not only look like they get on but they’ll be telling us in 50 years how they managed to reach their golden wedding without murdering each other. These John Lewis slippers are another brilliant example of this pairing – utterly metrosexual. The #carriereichardt mosaic is in our temporary home – again, hard, masculine materials in super-soft hues. So, back to the building work. You’ll not be surprised to hear that the bathroom is going to be…yup, you’ve guessed it, pink, black and white. Sigh. So I’ll have plenty of opportunity to see masculine and feminine together in perfect colour action on a daily basis. Maybe I’ll pick up some relationship tips from them, too….Over and out, lovely people.

Martha, The Colour File x


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