24th May ’17: Wallpaper love

Happy Wednesday, one and all.
Hands up who loves wallpaper? I lose many an hour scrolling through wallpaper websites and ordering swatches to lust over. One of my happiest wallpaper moments was when a harassed shop assistant allowed me to use his wallpaper scissors (never used these oversized beauties? You don’t know what you’re missing) to cut a sizeable piece of @cole_and_son_wallpapers#hummingbird which I then used to line my upcycled corner cabinet. Imagine my delight when the excellent @designerwallpapers.co.uk sent me four colour-ways of this ravishing Cocarde wallpaper by @lacroixofficiel . It features rosettes, ribbons and photos and reminds me of early 20th century postcards and valentine’s greetings I’ve occasionally spotted at boot sales. And as you’ll see, there’s so much activity going on there, it provides the perfect backdrop for a happy gathering of The Colour File’s colourful objects. I’ll be showing you the other colour-ways soon (this is Glauque) – they are too good to share just one with you. Isn’t it glorious? I’m off to play with the other colour-ways. See you tomorrow.

Martha, The Colour File x


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