17th July ’17: Supertasters & super-seers

Welcome to a new week, Colour Filers ❤️☂️🐥🎟🍀💙🍊

Last week I experienced something fascinating. At the launch of the @hellofreshuk online Flavour Generator (to help customers find recipes based on cuisine type or flavour preferences), fellow bloggers and I (see pic below) were given a taste test. Turns out I am a ‘supertaster’ – one of 25 per cent of the population who taste things more intensely than others, especially bitterness (presumably an evolutionary advantage when our diets were largely berries). It got me thinking: can you be a ‘super-seer’ too, where you experience colours more acutely than others? The answer is ‘yes’. Most humans are trichromatic (possessing three types of cones in their eyes) but around 2-3% of women are said to be tetrachromats (have four types of cones), enabling them to see a greater range of colours than the average person (around 100,000,000, apparently, rather than the usual million). I think it requires a genetic test to truly know if this is you (unless you’re a reindeer or a goldfish, in which case it’s a given) but isn’t it fascinating? Catch you later.

Martha, The Colour File x



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