24th July ’17: Peruvian perfection

Happy Monday, colour-peeps.

South American textiles make my heart sing. They ping me back to visiting my Peruvian godmother (in leafy Carshalton, not Cuzco) and seeing the little bits of home she’d brought back to Surrey to remind her of Arequipa (it’s on Lake Titicaca, which borders both Peru and Bolivia, and when they were kids she said they’d say the ‘titi’ was for Peru and the ‘caca’ was for Bolivia. Naughty but it always made me laugh). When I went to Peru five years ago (it is a truth universally known that every single middle-aged woman must do the Inca Trail at some point), I brought back some treasures of my own that look not dissimilar to this profusion of striped loveliness I chanced upon in urban Chiswick High Road (including my £6.50 @zara charity shop top – pure joy). Delicious. And all that without altitude sickness. I’ll catch you later.

Martha, The Colour File x

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