25th August ’17: Strawflower still life

Happy Friday, colour-lovers.

I was recently asked, ‘If you could own one famous work of art, what would it be?’ One? That’s kind of like asking me to pick one cheese (nightmare). If pressed, my painting choice would probably come from 

@tate_britain (can I have, say, three?…), a throwback to my teen years when I’d spend school lunch hours there, drinking in my favourites. I loved Derby Day because it’s in the shape of a social pyramid, The Lady of Shallot because I was an old romantic even then and An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump because the use of light (chiaroscuro) utterly mesmerised me. When I bought these beeeeeautiful dinky dahlias from @wheelers_florist_gardencentre (thanks, Liam) and plopped them in a vase against my trusty black-backed shelf in last night’s fading light, the effect made me think a little of those hours spent staring at that painting, looking from darkness into brightness and back again. My art teacher would have called this a ‘happy accident.’ What one famous painting would YOU choose?
Martha, The Colour File x


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