29th August ’17: Pink welly love

Happy Tuesday, colour-lovers.

I adore wellies (so much so that an ex- said I’d wear them to bed if I could. Nope, I never have, not even on a chilly night’s camping). They make me think of my Welsh cousins’ farm as a kid and choosing from a massive pile of assorted wellies

before going lamb-spotting in dewy fields (unearthing a matching pair of wellies was something of a triumph). The choice was standard issue black or green, with the occasional rogue red pair making a star-studded appearance. As a result, my wellie choice these days is pink all the way (top left, at Isy & Matt’s fantabulous festival wedding), simply because it can be. Pink makes me feel lots of things, not least incredulity at the news that we often pay a ‘pink premium’ or ‘pastel tax’ because of this pretty colour (recent research found that items like pink pens and razors marketed at women are almost 40 per cent more expensive than those marketed at men). Is pink actually gold in disguise? 🤔 Anyway, have a great day. See you on the other side.
Martha, The Colour File x


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