15th September ’17: Be thrifty

Happy Friday ❤️🍊🌼

This week I was lucky enough to interview the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi for @psychologiesmagazine
After reading Arun Gandhi’s book, I realised that six months in India made me truly respect the thrift and recycling philosophy that were fundamental to his grandfather’s way of life. I recently read that each year Brits chuck away 26 million items that could have been mended then spend £3 billion replacing them: in India they fix flip-flops and make sandals out of ‘unwanted’ tyres. The research also shows a third of us have never learned to sew and we’d rather throw clothing away than replace a lost button. Personally I love fixing, upcycling and sewing which is why I was overjoyed to have spent a morning at THE ribbon and trim shop @vvrouleaux last week. I picked up bits to upcycle with, as well as pieces to use in my shelfies, (including the ribbon pictured here). Watch this space for more shelf action in the coming weeks.

Martha, The Colour File x


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