28th September ’17: All kinds of orange

Hello from Tuesday, my colourful friends 🍊🍊🍊

Vincent Van Gogh famously said ‘There is no blue without yellow and without orange.’ On its simplest level, blue sings its prettiest songs when it performs with complementary oranges and yellows. I find I’m increasingly keen on orange but apparently I buck the trend: a Dulux survey showed that both men and women like orange less and less as they get older. I’m trying to fathom why; is it maybe that we are inclined to ‘play it safe’ as we age, even on the colour front? (Heading towards beige and grey, maybe? Or taupe?? Shoot me now). Earlier this week I met Marion Deuchars, the fascinating author of ‘Colour’ whose pages on orange (see second and third pics) are a like a delightful stream of consciousness journey through the colour. I keep thinking I saw ‘Trump orange’ in there (it surely is a colour by now?) but I must have got that wrong. Could you check for me?…🍊 Catch you later.

Martha, The Colour File x

Β© Martha Roberts, The Colour File β„’

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