2nd October ’17: Hounds hate hoops…

Welcome to a new week, folks 🌹🌸🍊⭐️🐸🐟👾🕺🏻

When I buy striped clothes (like this multicoloured @clementsribeiro jumper, bottom right) I think back to those evergreen fashion faux pas articles I read as a teenager in Jackie magazine, warning against horizontal stripes because of their ability to pile on pounds. But recently I chanced upon a 2011 study that found that wearing horizontal stripes actually makes you appear taller and slimmer than vertical ones. I know it’s not suddenly going to make me as tall as ordinary folk but this news helped the jumper to pass the test anyway. Interestingly, I found another study that discovered that dogs are most unnerved by humans wearing horizontal stripes (too predator-like, apparently) and the study’s authors suggest avoiding them if you’re going to pick up a pup from the pound. So let’s get this straight – hoops make you appear slim but they scare dogs away. I’m not sure where that leaves you, folks, but hopefully I haven’t thrown you into total wardrobe meltdown 🤔 Have a fantabulous day.

Martha, The Colour File x 



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