12th October ’17: Navy wants more FUN!

Hello from Thursday, Colour Filers 💙👖👕🦋🐳🐬💦

One thing I’ve noticed from my pics and posts is that you love blue – and hate it. Sky blue makes you want to chase butterflies and spin giddily in cornfields while navy – poor old navy – makes you want to revolt. All navy ever did was to be innocently chosen as your school uniform colour (and mine) but it’s been sent to Coventry for it ever since. It’s not navy’s fault that it’s a goody-two-shoes: apparently blue was the colour worn by public servants in Rome and it’s been the preferred authoritative colour of military and police from thereon in. Between you and me I’ve heard that navy would like the chance to stand less to attention and have as much fun as sky blue and turquoise: do you think navy needs a break?

Martha, The Colour File x

© Martha Roberts

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