20th October ’17: The best colour books

Are you one of those curious creatures who reads cookery books in bed? I know you’re out there: I even count some of you amongst my friends. As a fairly hopeless cook, a teeny part of me yearns to be that person but since discovering books about colour I’ve realised it will never be (bolognaise again, anyone?). I thought I’d share with you some of the colour books that accompany me to sleep. There’s The Secret Lives of Colour (by Kassia St Clair), a stylish resource of countless colour facts encased in a spotty cover I must have stroked a thousand times. The Story of Colour (by Gavin Evans) puts colours into social, artistic and even political context in a really visual way. The Day The Crayons Quit (by Drew Daywalt) has to win the ‘Sweetest Colour Book’ accolade. I, too, think colours have distinct personalities, opinions and gripes, just as these crayons do, so it speaks my language. And finally, the newest kid on the block is Encyclopedia of Rainbows (by Julie Seabrook Ream) which is page upon page of objects placed in rainbow order from bugs through to ribbons and everything in between. Honestly, in all my colour-loving days I’ve never seen anything quite this satisfying (it even has a multicoloured spine – perfect for shelfies). It’s hard to choose my favourite as they really come as a tight-knit team but I have to say the rainbow encyclopaedia is so pretty I could scream. Do you have any colour books to add to my nighttime reading pile?

Martha, The Colour File x



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