21st October ’17: Tube tales

Welcome to the weekend, folks. I used to travel to secondary school by Tube and when I first started, the seats were covered in dark, stylish Moquette (French for ‘carpet’ and the fabric used pretty much universally by transport systems). Then, horror of horrors, in the early 80s they changed it to a hideous orange, brown, yellow and black number which, as you may imagine, affronted my colour-loving sensibilities no end. I’m glad to say the fabric used on the latest rolling stock has beautiful colours. I love how the designers often use gestalt theory to cleverly embed symbols and landmarks in the pattern so that on mindless Tube journeys you can disappear into the patterns. Along similar lines, this stunning Margo Selby ‘Motion’ fabric (bottom left) has been designed for the London Transport Museum (bottom left) and contains the iconic logo. As well as cushions and bags, you can buy it by the metre – stunning. So much better than that 1980s District pattern (swipe right). Unless I want to be reminded about forgetting my flute or my maths homework, I think I might give this scarf a miss. Geek question but what’s the prettiest bus or train fabric you’ve ever seen?
Have a great weekend.

Martha, The Colour File x

©Martha Roberts




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