4 December 17: My thoughts on grey

I’m not the biggest fan of grey. At a time when grey interiors are still popular and grey is the third most popular car colour after white and black, I know I buck the trend (my second-in-command recently declared it to be his favourite colour. Never work with animals or children). After learning that Brits who have grey bedrooms are the ones who apparently spend the most time shopping online in bed, I’ve been trying to imagine why. Are they online looking for pink and yellow cushions to cheer up their colourless vista? Yes, that must be it. What are your thoughts on grey?

Martha, The Colour File x

©Martha Roberts

2 responses to 4 December 17: My thoughts on grey

  1. My thoughts are the same on grey/ gray…they are very grey. Not much life in it, but it does 2ork well as a backdrop to vibrant colours, so it has it’s place!


    • Hello Vikki, I am slowly coming round to it! I am hoping that the fashion for grey plus grey and a bit more grey has passed and that grey with colour is here to stay! Best, Martha


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