18 February 18: Fear of wearing yellow

Hello lovely people. I recently read that yellow is the colour that people fear wearing the most (followed by pink, orange, red and green). Apparently they would love to wear more colour but are afraid of what friends and family might think. Folks, I have something to tell you: life is waaaaay to short to care about this. I reckon if you’re living in fear of other people’s opinions (and let’s face it, what do they know?), it’s time toRead more

2nd May ’17: Claire’s Rainbow of Books

Hello colour-lovers. I just wanted to share with a #rainbowofbooksseries pic from @clairecraftcolour Isn’t it fab? I’m also loving the hot-pink flamingo keeping an eye on proceedings. Thanks so much for this, Claire 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Would love to see some more, folks…. Martha, The Colour File x Read more

A Rainbow of Books: Martha (selection I)

I love books and the places where you find them. I love the Dewey decimal system and the beautiful order that comes from it but I also love books in colour order. And as a lover of all things colourful, I generally know my books by colour anyway. I thought it would be great to run a series of ‘My Rainbow of Books’, looking at the favourite books of The Colour File’s followers, from red through to violet. I’ll kickRead more