2nd May ’17: Claire’s Rainbow of Books

Hello colour-lovers. I just wanted to share with a #rainbowofbooksseries pic from @clairecraftcolour Isn’t it fab? I’m also loving the hot-pink flamingo keeping an eye on proceedings. Thanks so much for this, Claire 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Would love to see some more, folks…. Martha, The Colour File x  AdvertisementsRead more

A Rainbow of Books: Martha (selection I)

I love books and the places where you find them. I love the Dewey decimal system and the beautiful order that comes from it but I also love books in colour order. And as a lover of all things colourful, I generally know my books by colour anyway. I thought it would be great to run a series of ‘My Rainbow of Books’, looking at the favourite books of The Colour File’s followers, from red through to violet. I’ll kickRead more