17th October ’17: Penelope Pink

Welcome to Tuesday. I was recently reunited with my birthday cards from when I was a little girl (read ‘found them in a shoebox in the attic whilst searching for something else entirely.’) I think their vintage daintiness and clever colours is utterly charming. Much as I adore my beloved @farrowandball Off Black backdrop, this greetings card haul made me think how perfect they’d be against a more subtle background. @grahamandbrown happened to let me know about Penelope Pink, their 2018 colour of theRead more

16th October ’17: In praise of shells

Welcome to a new week, my colour-loving friends. We’re massive fans of shells at The Colour File, especially ones we’ve gathered whilst scouring hot summer beaches (or windswept winter ones, for that matter. We just can’t help ourselves). A 2016 survey found that collecting shells is the nation’s third favourite childhood memory after family holidays and hide and seek (but beating hop scotch and watching Top of the Pops). Personally, I get as excited about finding a beautiful and unusualRead more

15th October ’17: Air Force Blue tales

Happy Sunday, Colour Filers. The more I look into colour, the more I’m fascinated by the deliberateness behind so many colour decisions (marketing to make us part with our cash is the first that springs to mind). But I love even more colour decisions that seemingly happen by chance or on a whim. I recently read about how Air Force Blue, a light smoky blue, came about. Members of the British Royal Air Force were issued with this colour uniformRead more

14th October ’17: Infinity & beyond

Happy weekend, colourpeeps 🍋🍊🍋🍊🍋🍊 In my local shoe shop when I was a kid, there was as a Start-Rite poster of two children walking down a road that went off into the horizon (see the poster by William Grimmond, below) @mutualart). I remember wondering where it went and I’d excite myself and freak myself out in equal measure at the thought of crawling into the picture to discover a destination of endless possibilities. I’ve always loved the idea of visual infinityRead more

12th October ’17: Navy wants more FUN!

Hello from Thursday, Colour Filers 💙👖👕🦋🐳🐬💦 One thing I’ve noticed from my pics and posts is that you love blue – and hate it. Sky blue makes you want to chase butterflies and spin giddily in cornfields while navy – poor old navy – makes you want to revolt. All navy ever did was to be innocently chosen as your school uniform colour (and mine) but it’s been sent to Coventry for it ever since. It’s not navy’s fault thatRead more

11th October ’17: Blue & green, be friends

Happy Wednesday, folks 💙💚💙💚 ‘Blue and green should never be seen’. Apparently. In my twenties, I remember someone telling me this with as much certainty as if it were decreed by the Magna Carta and me responding, ‘Says who?’ I know they’re located next to each other in a basic colour wheel so they’re not ‘complementary’, and therefore technically even though they’re neighbours they’re not really friends. (The saying ends ‘…except with a colour in between’ – someone to keep theseRead more

9th October ’17: Shelf candy

Welcome to a new week, colour-peeps 💕⛑🦀🐤🐢👗💙👾💜 In the words of Maria Von Trapp, these are a few of my favourite things (I couldn’t quite pull off the raindrops on roses thing but included some wild flowers from my front path instead). Each colourful object comes with a tale of how it wended its way to Colour File HQ. There are vintage knitting needles my mum found for me when she worked at a charity shop (research shows that 88Read more

8th October ’17: Neon flashback

Hello from Colour File HQ. Near where I lived as a kid, there was a house that was painted in psychedelic neon green, pink, yellow and orange. We called it the ‘Luminous House’ (although I don’t think it actually glowed in the dark) and Mum would occasionally treat me and my brother by driving to see it. I’m sure the neighbours saw it as a hippy eyesore, a blot on the Fulham landscape, but I thought it was a boldRead more

7th October ’17: Branding magic

Welcome to the weekend, folks. Yesterday I mentioned how red and yellow energise us and encourage us to eat. Well, colours can also be used to help us part with our money by developing an emotional attachment to things. I saw this old Shell sign at @theoldcinemalondonand it got me wondering how the company decided to go for the eponymous red and yellow in the first place. And, of course, as seems the case with most logo colours, there’s a storyRead more

6th October ’17: Hungry yellow

Welcome to Friday, colour-lovers 🍋📒💛☀️⭐️ I was recently told that these striking @royalcrownderby plates (top right) were a private commission for a mega-sized yacht and cost hundreds of pounds each (here’s hoping for calm seas, especially while they’re clearing the gargantuan table: “Sorry, but I just dropped five. They weren’t expensive…were they?……”) Studies show that yellow is an ideal colour to serve food on to encourage diners to tuck in (red is even better: think how often you see red and yellowRead more

5th October ’17: Beware of stripes!

Happy Thursday, my colourful chums. Had a headache recently? Tell me, were you wearing stripes at the time, or maybe hanging out somewhere with vertically-striped wallpaper or curtains? Or staring at a radiator (even one as pretty as this)? I thought as much. A few days ago, I wrote about the slimming yet pooch-petrifying nature of wearing stripes. But scientists have also discovered that simply looking at stripes – whether static or moving – can bring on migraines. Merely clappingRead more

4th October ’17: Kids & Colours

Welcome to Wednesday. Yesterday, a fellow journalist asked me when I first got into colour. The answer, of course, is that I don’t remember a time when colour DIDN’T matter to me. For all the changes there have been in my life, my love of colour has been a constant, my North Star, a thread running through (which is why my pile of pretty rubbish – see pic – fills me with such unadulterated joy). Many periods in my earlyRead more