A window on anxiety

A while ago, I read about a Canadian man called Alexis St.Martin who ended up with a hole in the side of his body as a result of a shooting accident. For many years, a doctor called William Beaumont kept the hole open and was able to gather vital information about the human digestive system through this permanent window into St.Martin’s stomach. As a journalist, I know there’s nothing like being ‘at the scene’ to give you quality information. I’veRead more

6 March 18: Neon fluoro shelfie

Good morning, folks. If you’ve been following my feed, you’ll know I’ve been doing a series of shelfies with the Moss shelf from @madedotcom. I’ve loved playing with different shelfie ‘personalities’ and seeing what this simple but versatile shelving unit can do. Today is a home office iteration using neon colours (plus red: I love how red works so well with fluoro pink and yellow) against @minimoderns Peggy wallpaper. If there’s a specific shelfie theme or colourway you’d like me to do, doRead more

20 February 18: Family tales matter

Happy Tuesday, folks 🌸🌵💕 When I was a kid, I loved driving through rural mid Wales with my mum and listening to her regaling family tales. My particular favourite was about a relative who’d wear her beloved son’s shirts before he did to make sure they were properly aired. I remember thinking at the time that I’d never forget the leafy bend in the road where she told me that curious story but of course I have. My dad –Read more

7 December 17: The power of blue

Happy Thursday, folks. There’s nothing like studies and facts to make my day. I’m definitely more of a ‘fact is stranger than fiction’ kind of girl (an ex- one told me my tombstone will read ‘A study says’. I do hope so). Yesterday I read that the world’s favourite toothbrush colour is blue and that weight lifters apparently lift more when they work out in a blue room. Today feels like it could be one of those fact-hunting days. IRead more

24 November 17: Matchnik or maverick?

I once had a boyfriend whose mother told us what colour paper to wrap our Christmas presents in. I say WHAT?!? In a world of beauteous wrapping paper, who are any of us to be so prescriptive? A 2012 survey revealed that the first Christmas squabble happens at 10.13am on the big day: I was spoiling for a colour-related fight waaaay before then. However, I reached an internal peace instead, chiefly by vowing to ignore all wrapping paper diktats theRead more

24th October ’17: What rugs tell us

A few weeks back I wrote about how it’s human nature to find faces in inanimate patterns. I’m sitting here staring at an Afghan rug at at my dad’s house and I’ve spotted a cricket dressed in coat and tails, sitting on an old office stool, almost certainly typing 🤔 (swipe for pic) Ancient carpets are often full of symbolism (way more symbolic than a typing cricket), such as sky doors leading to Heaven in Persian rugs (or a combRead more

20th October ’17: The best colour books

Are you one of those curious creatures who reads cookery books in bed? I know you’re out there: I even count some of you amongst my friends. As a fairly hopeless cook, a teeny part of me yearns to be that person but since discovering books about colour I’ve realised it will never be (bolognaise again, anyone?). I thought I’d share with you some of the colour books that accompany me to sleep. There’s The Secret Lives of Colour (byRead more

13th October ’17: Infographic infatuation

Have you ever noticed how quickly humus goes off? I swear it happens so fast you can almost see the degradation as if you were watching time-lapse footage of it. That’s why when I stumbled across an infographic called ‘The Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad’ and saw humus at the very top, I thought the visual representation of its instability totally hit the nail on the head (it sits where hydrogen normally would on the periodic table). WithRead more

10th October ’17: ‘Be gone, Blue!’ said Pink

Welcome to Tuesday, folks 💕💙💕💙💕 Each day on The Colour File, I wax lyrical about something and nothing to do with colour. My hope is that the pictures bring a splash of colour to your day accompanied by a random (but hopefully interesting) fact or two on the subject. On rare occasions, I even get a little bit serious – like today, which isn’t just Tuesday but World Mental Health Day, too. Mental health is a subject extremely close toRead more

27th September ’17: Plastic treasures

Hello Colour Filers 🐙🌺🦊🦁🐥🐸🍀🦋👕👾☂️ As I first mentioned back in March, I’ve been a fan of art made from discarded plastic for some time but I’ve only just learned that ‘junk art’ (or ‘trash art’) is a recognised artistic movement (junk art was first coined as a phrase in the 1960s). I love the many and varied ways that people put plastic trash to good use in the name of art, such the large-scale reclaimed plastic sculptures by @b0rdalo_ii and @mcphersonsteve‘sintricate and impressivelyRead more

17th September ’17: I ❤️ collectors

Happy Sunday, lovely people. I’ve always been fascinated by collectors: without enthusiasts, the world would be a less colourful and quirky place. One-third of UK adults engage in some form of collecting and, it transpires, we are often inspired by the random or the unexpected. Auctioneers Mallams say that 1960s-themed programmes such as Mad Men have rekindled our love of vintage toasters, kettles and ovens (out with the new, in with the old). I once wrote about collecting for @psychologiesmagazineRead more

11th September ’17: Shelfie inspo

Hi colour-lovers 🦋🌼🐠 Someone recently asked me where I get the inspiration for my shelfscapes from. The answer is ‘Anywhere and everywhere.’ Sometimes it’s an event that prompts it (I composed a green one for St Patrick’s Day), sometimes it’s flowers or a new junk shop treasure that lead the way, but often it’s because I see colours together in unexpected circumstances and want to replicate the feel in some way. Today’s shelfie came to me after I went toRead more