30th March ’17: Sorbet brights

Happy Thursday, people 🌸🐥☂️🦊
I couldn’t just give you my mugshot as today’s Colour File contribution to our our colourful world, so here are some sorbet brights to zing things up a bit. The vintage glasses are from @theoldcinemalondon and make me want to put on one of my vintage aprons, make real lemonade and pretend for just one second that I’m really domesticated.The rug was snapped outside Strand Antiques, round the corner from Colour File HQ (and therefore a regular haunt) while the ranunculus are, you’ll probably realise, a longstanding Colour File staple (along with dahlias, which aren’t yet in season). The fabric is @designersguild Ventaglio silk in Peony, which i think has the unusual quality of being both masculine (because of the greys) and feminine – this, I predict, could be a very happy marriage. Have a tip-top Thursday.

Martha, The Colour File x


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