3rd May ’17: In praise of blankets

Happy Hump Day, folks 👚💚👛🐤
I’ve already filled you in re our love affair with blankets at The Colour File HQ. I think I may know where it all started. I saw this ‘carthen’ (Welsh blanket) @theoldcinemalondon yesterday and remembered how my Mamgu (grandmother) used to tuck me into my pushchair with one to take me to nursery. I remember loving the colourful grids and blocks of colour and how new hues were made where the lines criss-crossed. I also loved prodding my fingers into the satisfying dents of the waffle blankets she had in her house, too. Blanket love may well have been my first love: I understand where Linus was coming from. See you on the other side.

Martha, The Colour File x


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