12th July ’17: Anyone for (bad) tennis?

Welcome to Wednesday, lovely people ☂️💚☂️💚☂️

In my 20s I was challenged to a game of tennis by my then boyfriend. He didn’t believe I could be as rubbish as I said I was. After thwacking half a dozen balls out of the court and into nearby bushes, he finally agreed with me. The Sun definitely had their top woman on the job when they sent me to interview Tim Henman at Wimbledon back in the early Noughties 🤔 (see below for evidence). You won’t be surprised to hear, then, that the thing I love most about tennis (and always have) is the iconic purple, green and white colours of Wimbledon. Up until 1909 they were blue, yellow, red and green until someone realised that – horror of horrors – they were almost identical to those of the Royal Marines. Good game, I say – purple and green are supreme together, as you can see from my recently acquired #penguinclassics #byron volume, a 7″ spotted at a boot sale and my purple vintage @pringlescotland shirt and @starmelauk vest combination (I love clashing patterns and I make no apologies for it). Anyway, I’ll catch you later. Anyone for tennis? No? Can’t say I blame you.
Martha, The Colour File x 

Me interviewing Tim (or was I asking for tips on how to keep the ball in the court?…)

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