7th July ’17: Oh no, it’s the tweens…

Happy Friday, lovely people.

Well, we made it. Today, my second-in-command leaves primary school. After seven years of tear-jerking assemblies, number bonds (save me) and ‘Put that Lego down and put your shoes on NOW or we will be late!!!’, I have become that thing that nothing can prepare you for: the mother of a tweenager (between 10 and 12, in case you didn’t know). So, now that I’m somewhat embarrassing and uncool, what exactly should I do? Throw myself deeper into colour, that’s what. It’s been a while since I’ve given you silver. I am inclined to think it shines its brightest when supported by other colours (like cerise, cerulean blue or verdegris). But as it’s also the colour of trinkets, trophies and, of course, scissors, maybe I’m being a tad unfair. Have a great day – I’m off to read up about tweens…advice gratefully received…

Martha, The Colour File x 


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