16th October ’17: In praise of shells

Welcome to a new week, my colour-loving friends.

We’re massive fans of shells at The Colour File, especially ones we’ve gathered whilst scouring hot summer beaches (or windswept winter ones, for that matter. We just can’t help ourselves). A 2016 survey found that collecting shells is the nation’s third favourite childhood memory after family holidays and hide and seek (but beating hop scotch and watching Top of the Pops). Personally, I get as excited about finding a beautiful and unusual shell as I would if I found a gold coin (though I’m not so sure my second-in-command would agree 😁). I also can’t get enough of objects decorated with a shell motif, especially in a romantic Art Deco style (like this shell pink and gold paper @frompaperchase, bottom left, and on the cover of this vintage copy of ‘Mary Thomas’s Embroidery Book’ @oxfambookshops in Chiswick). Utterly romantic. Tell me – which beach can you recommend for shell-gathering? I’d love to know.

Martha, The Colour File x

©Martha Roberts

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