17 November ’17: Nuts about notebooks

Hands up who loves notebooks? As a girl, I do, of course, have a dominant and irrepressible stationery-buying gene that expresses itself as often as I’ll allow it (same for @style_mumjudging by her burgeoning notebook stash [see second pic]. I think this may be why we are friends 😆). Buying stationery is, apparently, one of the things that’s known to make us happy. It’s in the happiness top 50, just below putting on a brand new pair of socks but just above getting the wax out of your ears. I’m loving these multicoloured beauties (bottom left and right). Colourtastic and SO much more gratifying than digging around with an ear bud, don’t you think?

Martha, The Colour File x 

© Martha Roberts
© Martha Roberts

2 responses to 17 November ’17: Nuts about notebooks

  1. sarah honeywill says:

    after meeting you the other day …….it was the first thing I did! I bought a beautiful purple note pad to begin the next new chapter in my life. Inspired by you I am embracing the time for change and hoping that my true colours will finally shine. Thank you for the inspiration !!!


    • Hello Sarah, so lovely to meet up with you, too. I love what you’ve done with your idea so far and think that you will carry on doing amazing things with it. I don’t doubt that your true colours will shine – I can already see them. I’m looking forward to seeing the next phase. Martha x


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